Buffalo Security | What We Offer
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What We Offer

What We Offer

What We Stand For

Buffalo Protection Services ethic is to ensure piece of mind by giving the highest quality of security service possible. Our primary interest is in the safety of our customers and the community that they live in. Buffalo works hand in hand with the South African Police service and local security initiatives to drive out crime.

Corporate and Community

We are currently invested in the corporate and Farming and Forestry sector however we are also looking at offering a Tactical Security service within our community as we are always seeking new and innovative means to protect our clients and their loved ones; and possessions.

We’re Always on Top of Our Game

Buffalo strives to maintain a high standard of service and to ensure these standards are maintained, weekly meetings are held with senior management and ground level management where our standard of service is discussed and any problems that may have arisen are resolved or action put in place to rectify these problems.  At these meetings, all our vehicles are inspected for roadworthiness and to make sure that they are well maintained and presentable.