Buffalo Security | Who We Are
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Who We Are

Our primary interest is in the safety of our customers and the community that they live in.

Buffalo Protection Services was founded in 2001, with the Head Office based in Greytown Kwa Zulu Natal. The company is now owned and managed by a young and dynamic team, with Cole Ngcongo as a shareholder who has been a part of Buffalo since 2001.


Buffalo has grown from a company in 2001, where we employed 6 people with one reaction vehicle, serving only the Kranskop Farming Community. We have now grown to a company employing 155  personnel and we now have 9 vehicles deployed in our areas of operations.


Buffalo senior management and ground level managers attend and contribute to community Police forum meetings, anti-timber theft meetings, as well as attending regular community meetings with the local neighbouring communities to discuss and resolve any issues that may arise from that sector.

We Are Achievers!

Buffalo has a strong, committed team of skilled and trained officers. Our commanders and security officers are highly capable to handle any situation with which they are presented.


Our staff represents our company on a daily basis, therefore we ensure that they are presentable, efficient and at all times ready to serve our clients.


Buffalo has 18 commanders that not only supervise our security officers but mentor them, and encourage personal growth and self-confidence. All of our commanders are in possession of handcuffs and pepper spray. 5 of our commanders also hold firearm competency.

We Are Affiliated!

Our operations manager, Cole Ngcongo has been with Buffalo since 2001 when we opened our doors. He is a highly trained, highly skilled member of the team. We pride ourselves in providing a premium service, executed at the highest level by all members of the team.


Buffalo actively promotes the development of employment opportunities within local¬†communities wherever possible. Buffalo also, promotes “long service” as being a rule rather than an expectation which has resulted in a stable workforce.